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Lindsay Powell                         Historical Detective

Lindsay Powell was born and raised in Cardiff, Wales. Having studied languages (including Welsh), economics and classical civilization at high school, he went on to graduate from the Management Centre of the University of Aston in Birmingham in 1983. As a result of his studies, he joined a large multinational company and has assumed various positions in sales and marketing with increasing scope and geographic responsibility. He is a Chartered Marketer.

Although working in industry full-time he has always maintained a deep interest in history. While living in the UK, Lindsay joined the Ermine Street Guard, a registered charity that researches and reconstructs the armour and equipment of the Roman army of the first century of the Common Era. As a full member, Lindsay experienced first hand what wearing the equipment felt like, which included getting a few sores on his feet – and learned about his shortcomings in leatherwork after making a pair of caligae. (The second attempt was more successful). "Firing the catapulta," he says, "was a great stress reliever." The Guard also published a series of articles Lindsay had specially written for its respected journal Exercitus

As a professional marketer, Lindsay has learned how to carry out desk and field research, to critically assess diverse source materials and then to write up the findings for a wider audience - the same skills used by a historian. Over the years he has written technical copy for brochures, technical papers, presentations and webinars for his company. He has contributed editorial for leading science and technology publications covering subjects ranging from traffic management devices to opto-electronic components.

He devotes his spare time to researching the ancient world and uncovering important stories overlooked by mainstream historians. As an independent scholar what he brings to his subjects is a fresh, multi-disciplinary approach to interpreting the evidence and a lucid style of writing which makes the findings accessible to specialist and lay readers alike. In 2011 his first book of history - the acclaimed EAGER FOR GLORY - was published by Pen and Sword Books. It was the first to tell the lifestory of Nero Claudius Drusus, a key - but largely forgotten - figure of the First Century. GERMANICUS, about Drusus' eldest son, followed in 2013. His third book, MARCUS AGRIPPA was released in 2015. He is working on his fourth volume now with the same publisherSince November 2011 Lindsay has been news editor and a columnist for the acclaimed Ancient Warfare Magazine.

Lindsay is proud to be a member of The Archaeological Institute of America, The Classical Association of Great Britain, The Historical Writers' Association, The Society of Authors and the Writers' League of Texas, as well as The Ermine Street Guard and is a Friend of The Vindolanda Trust. He has been a preliminary judge in the Excellence in Writing Scholarship Competition, sponsored by 3M, AMD and The Austin American-Statesman.

Lindsay moved to the USA in the late 1990s and divides his time between Austin, Texas and Wokingham, England.

Lindsay Powell at British Museum


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