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Marcus Agrippa was one of history's most intriguing right-hand men. Few played a greater role in the emperor Augustus' success. In vigorous prose, and with a finger tip feel for Roman politics and war, Lindsay Powell brings Agrippa to life.
Barry Strauss, Cornell University and author Death of Caesar.

Augustus' ascent and reign are unthinkable without Marcus Agrippa. Surprisingly, there has been no biography of Agrippa in English for some eighty years. Powell's book admirably fills this gap and will be indispensable for anyone with a serious interest in this crucial historical period.
Karl Galinsky, University of Texas at Austin and author Augustus: Introduction to the Life of an Emperor.

Lindsay Powell

Lindsay Powell
is a historical detective. He tells the stories of the under-reported personalities and events of history in the belief that they deserve to be told if our understanding of the past is to be complete. Lindsay has a particular passion for the social, political and military history of the Roman Empire. He scours ancient documents, inscriptions, coins and museums for stories, and archaeological, engineering, medical and scientific reports to reveal deeper truths.

He is an internationally published author. Lindsay is a columnist for 
Ancient Warfare and has written for Osprey Publishing
and Pen and Sword Books, as well as Military Heritage, Strategy and Tactics, MyHistoryDigest, Desperta Ferro and UNRV.com. His appearances include BBC Radio and History Channel.

He divides his time between Austin, Texas and Wokingham, England.

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