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The first account to be written in 2,000 years, this is the true tale of the heroic life and swashbuckling adventures of Emperor Claudius’ father, Nero Claudius Drusus Germanicus – soldier, builder, explorer, statesman, real Roman hero and role model for the Caesars.

Drusus the Elder was one of the most extraordinary figures of Caesar Augustus’ family and the original conqueror of ancient Germany. Yet for too long his life and exploits have been consigned to footnotes in the annals of the Roman Empire. In fact, Drusus the Elder is the most important Roman who has not been written about - until now. 

The foreword is specially written by Graham Sumner.

The book is now available as a second edition paperback.

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"EAGER FOR GLORY is worthy of a place on the shelf of any ancient warfare fan. It is warmly recommended" 
-- Ancient Warfare.

  "A nice book that I        enjoyed"          
-- Miniature Wargames.

"Powell gives a solid account of the life and times of Drusus with an enviable lightness of literary touch. ...Powell clearly understands both the psychology of the Roman soldier and the practical issues of day-to-day life in the military in nuanced detail"      
-- Adrian MurdochRome's Greatest Defeat and The Last Pagan: Julian the

"I do recommend th
e book; to reiterate, it’s well written, enthusiastic and consistently interesting. I think it’s strongest on the chapters on the exploration of the interior and the subsequent campaigns. Every possible source has been scoured and diligently researched. And it’s a good read"
Slingshot, the Society of Ancients' Journal.

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Three battles between AD 9 and 16 decided the fate of Germania in the Roman Empire. This groundbreaking book details those key conflicts.

Featuring full-colour art of crucial moments in the battles, specially drawn maps, an array of photographs depicting weapons, equipment, the locations and key personalities, this study offers insights into the tactics, leadership, combat performance and subsequent reputations of the Roman soldier and his Germanic opponent. Innovative split perspectives take the reader to witness the action unfold on both sides of one of the battlefields upon which the course of history changed.

The original artwork is by acclaimed artist Peter Dennis.


"For many readers this will be all they ever want to know. For those new to the subject, but looking for in-depth knowledge, Powell's book makes a great starting point"
     -- Ancient Warfare.

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This is the story of Germanicus Caesar, Drusus the Elder's son, who was Rome's most popular general. He has never been the subject of a single-volume in-depth biography before.

The book covers Germanicus' first campaigns in Illyricum, the great war in Germania against Arminius - architect of Rome's humiliating defeat at Teutoburg - and his amazing journeys to Armenia and down the Nile. It examines the circumstances surrounding his mysterious death and challenges the age old allegation of murder by poisoning. It also tells the story of the love and loyalty of his wife, Agrippina the Elder, who bore him nine children, one of whom was the future emperor Caligula.

The foreword is specially written by renowned historian Philip Matyszak.

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"GERMANICUS brings the reader face to bloody face with serious history and tells the story of a Roman emperor that might have been - principled, courageous and, above all, sane! Excellent fare, and highly recommended"
-- Anthony Riches
Empire Series.  

"Biographies of Germanicus Caesar - arguably one of Rome's finest generals - are few and far between, sadly. When one is published, therefore, it is cause for celebration - particularly when it is as good as the volume penned by Lindsay Powell. Meticulously researched, absorbing and well written, this is no dusty academic tome, but a 'must have' text for any reader with an interest in Rome. Powell knows his subject inside out, and is to be highly commended on a most welcome addition to the biographies of Rome's most famous sons"
-- Ben Kane, The Forgotten Legion Chronicles and Spartacus Series. 

"The story of a Roman Emperor that might have been, GERMANICUS is a thorough, unbiased account of a man who is often overlooked despite the great impact he made on Ancient Rome. It is a fascinating study and well worth reading if you have an interest in the Roman Empire"
-- Fighting Times.

"A modern, impartial study of Germanicus' life is not only timely but overdue" 
-- Philip Matyszak, The Sons of Caesar and Legionary: The Roman Soldier's Handbook.  

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The first account to be written in English in nearly 80 years, this is the long overdue study of Marcus Agrippa, the emperor Augustus' most loyal lieutenant and the man who secured him a pivotal victory at the Battle of Actium.

The book examines his life from his humble origins, through the tumultuous years of the Civil War, to his rise to the second most powerful man in Ancient Rome, and helped lay the foundations of the Pax Romana. It details his military campaigns, travels, friendship with King Herod the Great and the many buildings he commissioned, including the Pantheon in Rome.

The foreword is specially written by best-selling historical novelist Steven Saylor.

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"A gripping, thoroughly researched and hugely impressive biography of a key player in the transition from the Roman Republic to Augustus' Empire"
Saul David, University of Buckingham

"Augustus' ascent and reign are unthinkable without Marcus Agrippa. Surprisingly there has been no biography of Agrippa in English for some eighty years. Powell's book admirably fills this gap and will be indispensable for anyone with a serious interest in this crucial historical period" 
Karl Galinsky, University of Texas at Austin

"Marcus Agrippa was one of history's most intriguing right-hand men. Few played a greater role in the emperor Augustus' success. In vigorous prose, and with a finger tip feel for Roman politics and war, Lindsay Powell brings Agrippa to life" 
Barry Strauss, Cornell University

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Natural disasters, financial problems, political corruption, the Middle East... 
The issues that make the headlines today are also the things people worried about 2,000 and more years ago. Learning how the people of the past dealt with them can prepare us to face the issues affecting us today.

The past is a virtual laboratory in which we can study how cause and effect plays out in different circumstances. Combining a researcher's skill at finding unexpected connections in everyday events and a historian's knowledge of source material, in ALL THINGS UNDER THE SUN: How Modern Ideas are Really Ancient Lindsay takes a clear eyed and often witty look at modern times through the longer perspective of ancient history and reveals that, as the old adage goes, 'all things under the Sun, there's nothing new'.


"A little gem of a book" -- 
"Powell's writings are delivered with erudition and wit. ...All Things Under the Sun bears comparison with some of the other recent works written for modern readers rather than classical historians, like Adrienne Mayor's Scorpion Bombs and Vicki Leon's How to Mellify a Corpse, that offer you a fast-paced, almost breathless tour of the ancient world"
     -- N.S. Gill of

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